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IBS shows social commitment

Delivering high-quality work requires special people. The employees of Fanart Design GmbH prove this every day. 

Fanart Design GmbH was founded back in 2011 by the Bartelmuss family, the owners of the IBS Paper Performance Group. From that point on, the company has focused on employing people with special needs, giving them the chance to work in the design industry providing creative services to real customers. In addition to promotional items, Fanart, based in Scheifling/Styria, specializes in the high-quality finishing and printing of textiles of all kinds.

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the company supported healthcare facilities in the Murau/Murtal regions by equipping their staff with protective masks produced on 3D printers at the IBS site in Teufenbach-Katsch. In total this campaign - initiated by an IBS employee - equipped more than 3,000 people with the appropriate equipment, free of charge.

Integration in action - together we are strong

"Integration in action - together we are strong" - the motto of Fanart Design GmbH has a special meaning in times like these. Only together, with heartfelt commitment and energetic entrepreneurship can we overcome this crisis. We are very proud of our employees and the successful way of integrating people with special needs.


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