Optimizes refiner lines.

The deTUNER is especially designed for the optimization of refiner lines connected in series. When treating a stock suspension with the deTUNER, the freeness (SR) is slightly increased. This increase is often sufficient to reduce the performance of a refiner or to switch it off completely. Since the deTUNER is very energy-efficient and requires very little maintenance, the costs for energy and maintenance can be considerably reduced compared to the operation of a conventional refiner.

  • Save costs by switching off a refiner (energy, maintenance, etc.).
  • Highly homogenized stock suspension – without shortening the fibers and generating fine material.
  • A robust and energy-efficient solution.
  • Improved formation, optics and dewatering behavior.
  • Easy to install with low maintenance costs.
  • Payback periods can be < 6 months.

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