Wet line monitoring.

Continuous dewatering along the forming table of Fourdrinier machines creates a line where the transition of the stock suspension from wet to dry can be observed: the so-called wet line. LineVision® gives you the tools to operate a machine with the wet line at the right spot! This is essential to achieve the highest paper quality and runnability.  If the wet line reaches the combining roll, where two plies meet, it can adversely affect paper quality (bonding of the plies strength, etc.). On the other hand, running the wet line too close to the headbox will reduce paper quality due to the reduced sheet forming area.  

  • Constantly monitor the wet line’s position in real-time from the operator station. 
  • Indication of actual wet line position and trend in any DCS.
  • Maintain a steady wet line position using closed-loop control via IBS vacuum valves.
  • Receive smart alerts for incorrect wet line positioning or spikes occur.
  • Automatic control for process parameters to achieve optimum wet line position.

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