Forming table monitoring.

One of the main advantages of flat wire forming is the ability to visually monitor the sheet forming process. Key visual indicators (KVI) allow the papermaker to quickly identify process upsets and adjust sheet quality before it gets to the reel. With TableVisionTM, cameras track the stock activity present on a table and use image analysis software to assign an activity index number to each foil box generating a live stock activity profile from the forming board to the wet line. TableVision™ uses Papertech’s high-speed cameras and TotalVision™ software to give papermakers the tools to monitor and control the KVI that are required to successfully make paper.

  • Stock activity is monitored by cameras and strobes mounted along the entire table.
  • IBS algorithm creates a stock activity profile for the table. 
  • IBS algorithm classifies stock activity by scale and intensity. 
  • Both live and historical trends.

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