Continuous online measurement device of dryness.

The development of dryness during production has a significant influence on paper quality and on the efficiency and runnability of the paper machine. Online-PDC is a high-precision measuring device that continuously measures the dry content of the paper web at a defined position and sends the data to the DCS. Combining it with vacuum control valves (ideally EVA valves) enables fully automatic, dry content dependent vacuum control. By doing this e.g. in the ply bonding area, the gap strength can be improved or kept on a constant level. Other typical installation positions are before and after formers or before the suction couch roll. 

  • Continuous precise measurement of the dryness.
  • Can be used at all positions of the wire section.
  • Allows measurement of the moisture cross profile by traversing.
  • Easy to integrate into the DCS.

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